Mr. Orvis attended Paul Smith's College in Paul Smith's, New York, where he received an Associates Degree in Forestry. Upon graduating, Mr. Orvis went to work for a variety of small survey companies throughout northern Vermont and New Hampshire. In 1975, Mr. Orvis moved to southeastern New Hampshire, and took a position working with Robert G. Colbath in Wolfeboro. The two later went on to work for Northern Land Traders, focusing primarily on residential subdivisions and boundary work. Mr. Orvis first began designing septic systems as early as 1973 and obtained his permit as a Designer of Subsurface Disposal Systems when the State of New Hampshire began permitting designers in 1980. In 1981, Mr. Orvis set out on his own and became licensed as a Land Surveyor in New Hampshire in 1984. In 1985 Mr. Orvis accepted a position with John W. Durgin Associates. Shortly after, John W. Durgin Associates merged with Schofield Brothers Inc. of Framingham, MA and Mr. Orvis became the survey department manager of Durgin/Schofield's Rochester, NH office. In 1990, Mr. Orvis founded Geometres Blue Hills. In 1995, with an increased workload, Mr. Orvis formed a partnership with Frederick E. Drew III, known as Orvis & Drew LLC and constructed an office in Barrington, NH. In 1999 the State of New Hampshire began certifying Wetland Scientists, Mr. Orvis obtained his Certificate as a Wetland Scientist. In 2008, the Orvis/Drew LLC partnership was dissolved and Mr Orvis reformed Geometres Blue Hills, LLC and moved to the office to its current location in Farmington, NH. Mr. Orvis has experience in all aspects of Land Surveying. He is well known for his innovative approach to subsurface disposal system design, and specializes in Wetland Science, and Environmental Engineering. Throughout his career, Mr. Orvis has had the honor of serving on multiple boards within the State of New Hampshire. He has been the president of the New Hampshire Land Surveyors Association, as well as holding other positions within the organization. He currently serves on the Granite State Designers and Installers Board of Directors and is a past Chairman. Mr. Orvis has served on the Strafford Regional Planning Commission, Farmington Planning Board and Farmington Board of Adjustment,. He currently serves on the Farmington Conservation Commission, and has been a consultant to many businesses throughout the state. In his spare time, Mr. Orvis is an avid motorcyclist, having traveled the country by bike, and is a member of The Iron Butt Association. Mr. Orvis can be found riding his bike 365 days a year.
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