Since you may require the services of a Professional Land Surveyor only once during your lifetime, you may not be aware of the logical steps to be followed when selecting a Land Surveyor. To help in making such a selection, Geometres Blue Hills, LLC. has prepared answers to a few commonly asked questions. In general, a survey should be made before purchasing real property, when dividing any parcel of land for sale or when adjusting existing parcel boundaries (in conformance with state laws and local ordinances), and prior to the construction of any improvements on property in which you have an interest. Boundary surveys are also frequently requested to establish a line between two properties when a disputes arise. The Professional Land Surveyor renders a highly technical and complex service. In case of a land boundary controversy, a Land Surveyor may appear in court in your behalf as an expert witness. No one else can assume responsibility for the correctness and accuracy of the work performed by an individual Surveyor. Many Land Surveyors also act as their clients' representative at planning commission meetings and at other public hearings when city or county approval is required for certain developments.
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What is Land Surveying?
What does a land surveyor know that I may not know?
What kind of equiptment is used for surveying?
How much will my survey cost?
How will i know what has been surveyed?
Will a surveyor tell me what property I own?
Why are there conflicting boundary and easement lines?
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