No. A surveyor uses the deed for your property to resolve your boundary, and give you their professional opinion of your ownership. However, if problems are discovered such as neighboring gaps or overlaps, structural or use encroachments, or other problems, the surveyor can assist you in resolving the conflicts. Typically, a conversation and cooperation with the neighbor to adjust the property line, or create an easement is all that is necessary. If that course of action is unsuccessful, the problem may need to be brought to a court of law. This action being the most expensive solution.
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What is Land Surveying?
What does a land surveyor know that I may not know?
What kind of equiptment is used for surveying?
How much will my survey cost?
How will i know what has been surveyed?
Will a surveyor tell me what property I own?
Why are there conflicting boundary and easement lines?
Will a surveyor tell me what property I own?
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