Géomètres Blue Hills, LLC
Commercial Site Plan
NHDES Shoreland Plan (C.S.P.A.)
Conservation Easement
Residential Subdivision
Commercial Subsurface Disposal System
Boundary Survey with Topography
Condex Plan
Residential Subsurface Disposal System
Wetlands Restoration Plan
This project was a joint project between Geometres Blue Hills, and York Land Services, out of Berlin, NH. We used a combination of conventional survey techniques and GPS surveying equipment to complete these boundary plats for the federal government. The National Resources Conservations Service offers various easement programs to landowners who want to maintain or enhance their land in a way beneficial to agriculture and/or the environment. The Wetlands Reserve Program (WRP) protects, restores, and enhances wetlands. Achieving the greatest wetland functions and optimum wildlife habitat on every acre enrolled in WRP is the goal.
Cheney Property
Kelley Property
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