Géomètres Blue Hills, LLC
Commercial Site Plan
NHDES Shoreland Plan (C.S.P.A.)
Conservation Easement
Residential Subdivision
Commercial Subsurface Disposal System
Boundary Survey with Topography
Condex Plan
Residential Subsurface Disposal System
Wetlands Restoration Plan
For this particular project, the client was proposing to take an existing commercial lot and expand its use to include an Aroma Joe's drive through coffee shop. The work Geometres Blue Hills completed to gain local and state approval of this concept included a boundary survey, NHDES subsurface system approval, engineering of a paved drive through, and appropriate drainage structures, as well as lighting and utilities layout plan.
Sheet 1,
Existing Conditions
Sheet 2,
Proposed Conditions
Sheet 3,
Notes & Details
Sheet 4,
Lighting Detail
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